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If mandarin liqueur is not available, you may use Cointreau or Grand Marnier in its place.

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Garnish the cocktail: Pare an orange peel and express the oils from the back of the peel over the old fashioned.Easy Peel and Eat Old Bay Shrimp are a fast, four-ingredient appetizer or light meal perfect for the warm weather.The martini is a cocktail made with gin and vermouth, and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist.

PROMOTION 20% Off On Your Anti-Aging Skincare Products Whether your skin has been damaged by trauma or time, NeoCutis helps to restore a healthier appearance with continued use.The classic Italian Aperol spritz has become extremely trendy in Australia, with the cocktail reaching its popularity peak in the summer of 2015-16.Grab a vegetable peeler and peel as wide and long of a strip as you can.Shake all ingredients (except lemon peel) with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.A specialty at our office, are non-surgical procedures designed to improve, enhance and correct the appearance of the skin.Easy peel shrimp have had the peel cut down the outside to get out the vein and then there is a cut around the tail.

Sazerac - a cocktail made with bourbon with bitters and Pernod and sugar served with lemon peel screwdriver - a cocktail made with vodka and orange juice sidecar - a cocktail made of orange liqueur with lemon juice and brandy.

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A measure of mandarin liqueur is topped up with Champagne and garnished with aromatic clementine peel in this understated winter cocktail.Cut the top and bottom off each orange and score the skin into quarters.

I love Don Draper, but unfortunately the writers of Mad Men gave him the wrong recipe.

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Some use a muddled orange wedge and cherries for a fruity finish, but I prefer the classic approach.Make a slice through one side of the peel and the pulp, all the way up to the rind on the other side.


Shrimp are steamed over a beer, vinegar, and Old Bay seasoning boil for a flavorful, healthy summertime dish.Strain the cocktail: Strain the cocktail into a rocks glass over one large ice cube, or cubed ice.Download all the Seedlip Garden 108 recipes seen here and get creative in your own cocktail kitchen.If you like, you can also make a little show out of it by expressing the oils over a flame.

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Pour the rum, lime juice, honeymix and syrup into a shaker with ice cubes and shake, strain in to a glass and add a large chunk of ice and garnish with the other lime half.

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If anything, it may have a lemon peel for garnish, even an orange peel, but not a half slice of orange nor a cherry.

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For a classic holiday finish, garnish of red and green cherries.An Old Fashioned among whiskey drinkers is a cocktail where not everyone can agree on how its done.This makes it easy to remove the peel while leaving the tail intact.Take your floral garnish to the next level with an origami-inspired orange peel flower.Edible flowers are a great garnish for any cocktail—but your drink can do so much better.

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Cut the pulp off of the peel so that you have one long thin strip of peel.Instructions: In a tall glass or champagne flute, pour 1 ounce of Drambuie and then 4 ounces of sparkling wine.

Take a paring knife and make a shallow cut along the spine of the shrimp (the back of it).

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Pour rum and ginger beer into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes.

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Adding a splash of Benedictine to scotch will give it some bite.